Case Files of the Genius Asshole Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: The Method to Skillfully Make Her Win in A Beauty Contest -1- (The Request to Amano)

* * *

※This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person or organization you know has no relation whatsoever.

* * *

The second-floor terrace of the school’s cafeteria. That was the place where Amano had made it his headquarters. If it was lunch time, you would be able to see the genius asshole in his white lab coat. That day too, it should have only been Amano on the terrace.

“What is it? Quickly state your business.”

In front of him sat a woman. It was Takagi Miho, a 4th-year student from the Economics Department. She was a beautiful woman with proportionate facial features, possessing a slender physique.

“I don’t think it’s allowed to smoke here…”

Takagi glared at Amano who was smoking his cigarette in annoyance.

“I’m a guy who has good manners, alright? I properly prepared a portable ashtray.”

“Smoking with manners? The fact that you have ‘manners’ in your dictionary is surprising.”

“That’s rude. My dictionary has all the words recorded inside it. But, I decide which manners to uphold.”

Amano showed off a seemingly proud speech and conduct; an act that irritated Takagi. While she waved her hands to clear the smoke, she spoke.

“I got a request.”


Amano propped his elbows on the desk and as he entwined both his fingers, he set his jaw on it. He excitedly looked at Takagi’s face.

“Did you just say you have a request for me? You? Are you sane? A request for the university’s most problematic student? Are you sure you haven’t mistaken the person you want to ask help from?”

A wicked smile appeared on his face. Takagi’s face distorted as if she saw something dirty.

“That’s right. Even though, I didn’t really want to ask you for help.”

When she let out a deep breath, crossing both hands, she looked up at Amano.

“I want to become a female TV announcer no matter what.”

Looking as if he was surprised, he widened his eyes and nodded in agreement.

“I see. That’s the request, huh. Your target is the beauty contest, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It helps that you’re quick to catch on.”

Next week was the university’s school festival. At the festival, the Miss University Contest would be held as per usual. It was a competition where beautiful women gathered to register to compete in the quality of their beauty.

“This year, I definitely want to become the Miss University. For that reason, I don’t care what method you use. I have made a resolution to sell my soul to the genius asshole, after all.”

As Amano let out a sigh, he spoke.

“It’s impossible.”


Takagi slammed the table and shouted out.

Amano calmly spoke.

“It would become 6 participants for the beauty contest if you were put in. But I saw the lineup, you know, and you don’t have a chance to win.”

“It can’t be, I don’t understand…”

With a shaky voice, Takagi complained.

“I’m a fourth year, this will become my last chance, you know. This beauty contest is my gateway to successfully becoming a female TV announcer. If I become the winner for our university’s beauty contest, there will be no limits to rising in the possibility of becoming a female TV announcer.”

“Isn’t it fine even if you don’t become Miss University? There are tons of female TV announcers who weren’t winners in a beauty contest, ya know.”

“It’s frustrating, but I’ve decided on a plan for myself. Besides, our university’s beauty contest is special. You must know about it too.”

He had no interest in the beauty contest in itself but Amano could understand what she was talking about. The university that Amano had been accepted in was top-notched private university located within the Tokyo metropolitan area. The beauty contest that was organized within the university was extraordinary. Having a collaboration with the mass media and advertising firms, the degree of attention from the society was high. If you were chosen as the Miss University, becoming a celebrity talent could even become a dream come true.

“I understand that you long for the seat of the Miss University. Every year, our university would have the winners get featured in the media. In addition to the wonderful extra prize, there were also many appearances in commercials and magazines. It was advertising signs held by people. Last year the extra prize was a luxury car and a vacation abroad.”

“That’s true. But that’s not what I want.”

“What you want aside from what you’d get if you were chosen as the Miss University is the title that comes with it, isn’t it? For sure, if you have that, you’d be able to obtain a strong resume as well as connections. And the road to becoming a female TV announcer would surely become nearer.”

“In fact, there’s even an upperclassman who became a female TV announcer for the leading broadcasting station after becoming Miss University. But, even though I’ve been registered as a participant every year, I’ve never once been chosen as the Miss University  or even as a runner-up……”

“As one would expect for a woman who has already thought of a plan for her future. Your charm is about that much. You’re a beauty that was registered to participate but not to the extent that you would become the queen. It means that no one would want to introduce you as the university’s face.”

It seemed like they were great words yet somehow obnoxious.

Takagi was attacked with discomfort as she got goosebumps.

“……But, there’s a chance that even I could be chosen as the Miss University this year. The girls who won Miss University or runner-up in the past can’t participate again. This year, I should definitely have been the favorite pick.”

“As expected for a woman who was a participant in the past beauty contests. You know the rules well.”

“But, an exception has appeared.”

“Maeshima Yuuko, huh.”

That’s right!

Takagi held both her hands tightly before striking the table again.

A woman like her; isn’t it foul play?!

When she said ‘foul play’, her anger wasn’t unreasonable.

The girl Maeshima Yuuko wasn’t just a normal female student. She was a popular active idol who was supported by a wide generation. And in addition to that, she was the center for the nation’s idol group. Even now, she had an immense popularity that is boasted of. There were prospects of her becoming a big-time actress, singer, and model. To be able to achieve all that, she was an outstanding talent that appears once every 1000 years.

As a matter of course, the Maeshima that entered university this year had been registered as a participant. Naturally, there was no need for a top idol to appear in a beauty contest. But with the overwhelming popularity as well as the expectation of the media, Maeshima ended up accepting to have a stage appearance in the beauty contest. In conclusion, it was to the point that they rewrote the rules of the beauty contest.

“Why is it limited to this year? Even past winners and runner-ups can be registered as a participant in the beauty contest! Isn’t a contest like this strange?! This was also because of Maeshima!”

Takagi was in a fit of anger because the girls who took the queen seat for the past beauty contest would end up being able to participate in the beauty contest once more. For that reason, this year, there would be a great number of participants with the past Miss University or even the runner-ups. Surely, as a contest it was unfair.

It was the influence of the existence of the idol, Maeshima Yuuko.

“Aside from you, the participants may be the Miss University or the runner-ups with experience. Their levels are different when compared to you. Be proud that you’ve done a good job getting chosen as a participant.”

“That’s right. I’ve done a lot of difficult tasks.”

“Though if it’s a contest of sleeping your way up to the top of the career ladder, you’d be in first place. Even though you made an effort to wave your hips at the many high-classed men, that effort gets overlooked; quite an unfortunate story, isn’t it?”

It was a seemingly sarcastic praising voice. Takagi glared at Amano with a murderous gaze.

“It’s frustrating to say but it’s exactly as you said. To become victorious is a far off reality……”

“Since the prospect lineup is formidable in itself, after all. If they had stuck to the original rules, Maeshima Yuuko would’ve won the contest in a landslide but because the rules have changed, it looks like it’ll get exciting, won’t it? “The University’s Past Queens vs. The Top Idol”, huh…… There would probably be an unexpected result. It isn’t such a bad production.”

“Not to mention that if Maeshimo Yuuko receives the runner-up title and the past Miss University winners receive the winning prize again, there’s a possibility of marketing her as the 2nd Maeshima Yuuko too.”

“But, Maeshima Yuuko would be the likely winner. If she wins, she’d end up in the news with just that. If we’re talking about having an impact towards the society, that would the best way.”

As he said that, Amano evilly grinned.

“In other words, I can’t imagine a scenario where Maeshima doesn’t win the Miss Universe title or runner-up position. If I fulfill your wish, the scenario would be ‘Uncrowned Queen defeats Maeshima Yuuko and gets crowned with the Miss University title that she had desired for so long!’ But, most likely no one would want to see a scenario like that.”

Takagi showed her annoyance.

“Sure, I understand that…… Even though it’s just speculations, I would be that last person to be leading in a competition. From now on, even winning is just a dream.”

“Did sleeping with MARA not work out at all?”

MARA was an abbreviation for ‘Media Activity Research Association’.

It was the group that sponsors and manages the beauty contest. There were many students from the group who were aiming to get a job at an advertising firm.

“They could only secure a spot for me among the participants. Any more than that was impossible.”

“Then, it’s all over. You can give up on it.”

Amano opened both his hands exaggeratedly and showed a gesture of surrendering. Takagi gazed at Amano flirtatiously.

“But, if it’s Amano-kun, I’m sure you’ll think of a good idea. Besides, there’s no other choice but to risk it. You’re the most genius in this university, aren’t you?”

“You should be adding ‘genius asshole’ after ‘genius’. Besides, I’m a medical student. It may be because I’ve seen too much of the human body’s organs, but I have no interest in the beauty or ugliness of an appearance. Even more so a contest that decides on who is prettier or not.”

“I wonder if I can manage. I only have Amano-kun to rely on, you know.”

Takagi made her eyes moist. Her voice was shaking as well. Even now, it seemed like she was about to cry.

Letting out a cold smile, he spit out.

“What a cheap act. Seducing or crying won’t work on me. It’s such an eyesore so drop the act, won’t you?”

“……Tch. You’re really an asshole, huh.”

Clicking her tongue, Takagi took out a cigarette from her bag.

“Hey, didn’t you say it was prohibited to smoke here?”

“I don’t particularly care about upholding manners.”

Her tears had dried up in an instant.  While he wryly smiled, he advised her.

“Give up and do voice training, you’d be able to get picked up by some minor broadcasting station or somewhere.”

“No way. The reason I enrolled in this university was so I could win in the beauty contest and become a female TV announcer at the leading broadcasting station. Then someday, get close with a sports athlete, and gain money and social status from marrying him.”

She was obstinate.

She was challenging a battle with a fighter aircraft using only a single bamboo spear.

While Amano let out a sigh, he spoke.

“There’s no way I wouldn’t have any methods.”

“Eh, really?”

“But, from my own aesthetic, it’s an action that would put you off.”

“What kind of method is it?”

“It’s easy. Defeat the other participants.”

Takagi’s shoulders slumped and her face dimmed.

“What, something like that…… there’s no way I can do that, didn’t you say so yourself?”

“That’s right. It would be impossible unless you use unfair methods. Besides, I’m not interested. Just give up once and for all.”

When Takagi threw her cigarette on the floor, she showed an expression that looked as if she bit on a bitter-tasting bug.

“As expected, you would say something like that too. Even though you were my last ray of hope….. Even if you’re called a genius asshole, if it’s something impossible then it would be impossible, huh.”

Amano’s eyebrow twitched.

“……Hey. What did you just say?”

“I said that even for the genius asshole, what’s impossible cannot be possible.”

“Ha, thanks for making me laugh.”

While Amano showed an exaggerated, he pointed to himself.

“Everything will go well if I take it on. There’s no such thing as impossible to the genius asshole.”

Takagi bleakly looked at Amano’s face.

“It’s impossible, you said it so yourself. I can’t do anything, right? Isn’t the genius asshole incompetent too?”

“What did you say?”

Amano stood up and showed an irritated gesture. Spreading both his arms with force, he thrust a finger towards the direction of Takagi’s face.

Did you say that I’m incompetent?! Do you really think that? Don’t joke around! No matter how many times I say it but if I take it on, everything will go well!

Takagi inquisitively stared at Amano. The person who said it was impossible was Amano himself. She couldn’t understand what’s making him so agitated.

“Why are you getting all worked up for when you’re the one who told me it was impossible and that I should give up? Even a genius asshole would run away with his tail between his legs if such a difficult request came in so suddenly. In the end, Amano-kun’s just a ‘typical coward of an asshole‘, aren’t you?”

T, this damn amateur is…… you’re seriously insulting me while I’m the genius asshole!”

Entirely cutting off the atmosphere, he spread out both his arms and proudly shouted.

“Bring it on! I’ll accept that request of yours! Shall I make you win that beauty contest and let you get your dream of marrying a rich man?”

“Eh? Seriously? You’ll accept my request?”

“Yeah. Now that I think about it, it’s a firing challenge….. A beauty contest with no chance of winning. Not to mention that the opponent who will likely be the winner is the nation’s idol. It will turn out to be an exciting contest……!”

Amano pointed at the sky and bellowed.

Look forward to this! I’ll have the tiara on your head in next week’s beauty contest.

* * *

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