Case Files of the Genius Asshole Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The Method to Skillfully Kill Him -5- (Amano and Kishino’s Mother)

* * *

That night, Amano and Ryouta met up in front of Kishino’s apartment. They dressed in mourning clothes and even brought flowers along.

“Ryouta, how’s the reputation of Hasegawa’s band?”

“It had the best reputation. They had no trouble at all with people. In addition, I heard of a very interesting story.”

“Really? What is it?”

“It seems, Hasegawa-kun handled musical instruments roughly.  Recently, his guitar got broken so he sent it to repair it seems. In other words, that guitar was a borrowed item.”

“Borrowed? Who did he borrow it from?”

“The band members didn’t know either. Perhaps he borrowed it from his acquaintance at school.”

While Ryouta’s shoulders slouched he put together his words.

“I also asked his university friends as to who did he borrow the guitar from but, surprisingly, Hasegawa-kun’s circle of friends was quite big. I couldn’t find the person who lent it.”

“I see. That’s more than enough help.”

The both of them set foot within the premises of the apartment. It was an apartment that had 13 floors. With light hands, they raised the keep-out tape surrounding the area where the body was found before they rode the elevator.

Kishino’s home was on the 7th floor. It was her parents’ residence. Ryota had contacted Kishino’s mother beforehand that they would visit. As the elevator moved to the 7th floor, Amano spoke.

“I’ve gotten hold of the autopsy details.”

“EHH! Really? Why were you able to get ahold of such confidential information?”

“You serious? It’s because of the old man’s connections. His head had six injuries. It seemed as if he had three fatal shot wounds. Most of the traces had the same cylindrical shape due to something but only one seemed like it was caused from getting hit by something else. The criminal had used two types of blunt weapons to kill Hasegawa.”

Ryouta was reminded of yesterday’s incident. If he remembered correctly, the sound of a crash didn’t happen just once. He heard sounds of thumps several times.

“Sorry. I made you remember it, didn’t I?”

Looking at Ryouta whose face became pale as he resisted feeling nauseous, Amano spoke, sounding apologetic.

“……No, it’s okay. I’m fine already. Let’s go.”

The both of them stood in front of Kishino’s apartment and pressed the bell. From inside, the pale-faced mother came out to greet them. It was as if she was void of life. It was an expression that looked like it belonged to a dead person.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Saeki Ryouta that called earlier. I came to visit as a representative of the Literature Department. This is Amano Yuuji from the Medical Department. He is a mourner for this occasion.”

Courteously, they lowered their heads. The mother also lowered her head deeply before apologizing to Amano and Ryouta.

“No, our daughter has troubled you, we truly apologize. Please come inside…”

The mother invited the both of them inside the apartment. Like what they thought, the room inside was spacious. On the shelves, Kishino Machiko had decorated it with pictures of her family and drawings that seemed to have been drawn when she was a child.

The mother brought out green tea for the both of them. Ryouta drank a small amount of green tea before he began to speak.

“Actually, this time’s incident has quite exceedingly caused confusion amongst the students. To suppress the disorder, it think it will be difficult but, may I speak to you about last night’s incident?”


The mother lowered her eyes seemingly in pain. Amano felt it was a natural behavior.  It seems Kishino was the only daughter. And that only daughter turned out to become a killer who then killed herself. It was a reality that was hard to accept.

“I told this to the police too. That girl, yesterday didn’t come back home. After that, something like this… happened…”

Kishino’s mother’s voice became thick.

Ryouta, while thinking it was a harsh thing to do, asked.

“When Kishino-san jumped off the building, what time did it happen?”

“According to the police, if I’m not mistaken I was told it happened at 10 PM. I really didn’t realize anything and thought she was just a little bit late in coming back home… The first time I came to know what happened with Machiko was after receiving a call from the police.”

“Kishino-san had left a suicide note, right?”

After Amano had enquired about it, the mother opened a cabinet and took out one sheet of paper.

“I received a copy from the police. Here it is.”

The both of them looked at the copy. The copy was written as the following text:

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

To everyone,

Sorry for troubling you all.

Please forgive me for being an undutiful daughter.
Father, mother.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for raising me up for 20 years.

I’ve killed Hasegawa-kun at his own home.
I think I want to chase the afterworld.
Unfortunately, in this world, my love for him did not get to him.
I killed him using the guitar that was like his life to him but, I can’t get it off my mind.

I’m really sorry.

I will make it up with my life, and be together with him in the next life.

Once again, for the last time, father, mother.

I’m really sorry.

Kishino Machiko.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

(So that was why. The reason the guitar was used was this, huh.)

The suicide letter was written on a laptop. Looking around the room, a computer was set in the living room; perhaps used and shared by the family.

“Was this the computer that was used to write the letter?”

Kishino’s mother slowly shook her head.

“We don’t have a printer. Machiko would frequently print using the university’s computers. Even when she was going to write a report, she would use the computers there. I think it’s the same with this too.”

“Excuse me but, do you mind if I scan this?”

“No, I don’t mind but…”

Amano scanned the suicide letter with his smartphone. Just in case, he also took a picture.

“Um… did Machiko, did she really kill a person…?”

The mother timidly asked.

“We don’t know.”

“I guess so…”

The mother mumbled as she held back her sobbing.

“Certainly Machiko was quite an unusual girl but she wasn’t someone who would cause trouble to people, much less displaying violence… Why, something like this……”

The two guys didn’t have any words to say. Politely bowing goodbye, they left Kishino’s house.

After leaving Kishino’s apartment, the two guys lit their cigarettes. Feeling sympathy from the bottom of his heart, Ryouta mumbled.

“Kishino-san’s mother is really worn out from grief, huh. Well that’s to be expected, right? Her daughter became a murderer and killed herself.”

While Amano gripped his smartphone tightly, he muttered a few words.

“90% of the criminal’s objective is known.”

Surprised, Ryouta looked at Amano. It wasn’t a face that was spouting jokes. He was serious.

“But, the rest of the 10% is endlessly distant. Shit, the investigation still hasn’t contacted me yet, huh.”

As soon as he said this, his smartphone rang. Amano immediately picked up the call.

“Amano here. No need for unnecessary details. Yes or no. Just tell me which.”

Amano did a tiny fist pump and shouted.

“So it’s a yes! Name? ….. I see, as expected, huh. There’s no mistake that it’s that guy, I’m 99% sure. No, it’s a different matter. Thanks. Bye.”

As Amano ended the call, he turned around and faced Ryouta.

“We were lucky. Kishino had applied at our clinic. With this, the remaining percentage is filled with this 9%. But…”

Amano bit his lips in frustration.

“The possibility that the remaining 1% will never be recovered is high. How should I go about doing this….? If I can’t recover it, I won’t be able to obtain the truth……”

Coming to an understanding alone Amano mumbled to himself as he thought of something.

“Hold, hold a minute! You’re saying you found the criminal… are you serious?!”

“Isn’t that obvious? Would I joke about something like this?”

“B, but, we just began the investigation today! We have yet to gather any information……”

There, Ryouta realized.

“Don’t tell me, the fact that you know the criminal… is it, someone from the English Literature Department?”


Amano, as if it was quite obvious, nodded.

“Also, according to my prediction, another person will die.”

He spoke of something that could make someone’s back freeze.

“If another person dies, the truth to this case will forever be covered under darkness. We need to prevent that from happening.”

Amano looked up at the empty sky.

“Watch me. If this genius asshole handles it, everything will go well. Because I’ll definitely catch you.”

* * *

(T/N Next chapter is the last chapter in this case! I’m extremely curious as to who is it too and Amano’s explanation to his investigations!)

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