Case Files of the Genius Asshole Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Method to Skillfully Kill Him -3- (Amano’s Deduction)

* * *

The next day. At the second-floor terrace of the student’s cafeteria, Amano and Ryouta were smoking cigarettes as they read the newspaper. Ryouta was reading the newspaper out loud.

“After Kishino killed Hasegawa, she left a suicide note and killed herself, apparently. The suicide note was left on the rooftop of her house it seems.”

“Did the news article shared the contents of the suicide note?”

“They didn’t. But since they mentioned that she killed her lover with a guitar and then committed suicide, there’s also the suspicion that it may have been a forced lovers’ suicide. She might have written inside the suicide note of committing the crime, don’t you think?

“Is that so…”

Amano absentmindedly stared at the seat that Kishino had sat on.

To become a killer; he couldn’t see the girl to do something as appalling as that. Amano had given her a good shaking and whole-heartedly rejected her proposition, after all. Could she have committed the crime after Amano rebuked her?

“Hey, Yuuji.”


“Say… it might have just been my imagination but you must have remembered the really unsettling feeling, right?”

“Unsettling feeling? How?”

Amano looked ar Ryouta’s face. Ryouta tilted his head in contemplation.

“The feeling that I had when I spoke to Hasegawa-kun was a feeling that gave me the impression that he doesn’t have any relationships with women.”

Ryouta started to speak about something he didn’t fully understand.

“How should I say it, I thought he must’ve had no relationships with a woman, not even once.”

“In other words, Hasegawa didn’t know any women. That he’s still a virgin, you’re saying.”

“Something like that. Hasegawa-kun opened and entered his room with a key. In that case, the possibility of Kishino-san having a duplicate key is high, right? If Kishino-san had intruded inside the room, Hasegawa-kun would surely have shouted in surprise, wouldn’t he?”

“That means there was an accomplice, is it?”

“It looks that way. But you can’t believe that Hasegawa-kun would have a girl waiting in his room, right?”

Ryouta tilted his head in puzzlement.

“Ryouta, actually even I recalled the unsettling feeling.”


“I don’t know Hasegawa’s circumstances. Even ’till the end, I was looking at it from Kishino’s point of view. Still, where could the unsettling feeling come from?”

Amano recalled back the conversation with Kishino. Anything that bothered him and the place that the unsettling feeling may have come from.

“In the first place, why was the weapon a guitar? Kishino was a woman. The room surely had a kitchen knife and other dangerous weapons that would make killing easier. But yet she chose a guitar on purpose; I can’t feel the necessity in doing that.”

Kishino had mentioned that she used to support Hasegawa-kun financially. Did she use the guitar that she had bought for Hasegawa with her own money? Recalling that, Amano asked Ryouta.

“How many guitars were there in the room?”

“There were no guitars aside from the broken one.”

“That’s strange.”

Amano’s head tilted in confusion.

“That day, Hasegawa came to the university carrying a guitar. In other words, the criminal opened Hasegawa’s guitar case and especially used that to kill?

“You’re right. Now that you said it, it seems weird.”

“Kishino snatched the guitar from Hasegawa, opened the case, held that big thing above her head then struck his head with it…”

Ryouta’s face scrunched up in pain. He must have remembered Hasegawa’s corpse.

“Kishino is a woman with an average physique with a medium build. How did Hasegawa get done in one-sidedly? To let Kishino open the guitar case until she raised it over her head, did Hasegawa not realize her presence? No, something like that is unlikely for sure…”

There was something that was evidently strange. But the real problem here was that Kishino had left a suicide note. Aside from what was published in the newspaper, that was an official announcement made by the police. Yet, the two still had an unsettling feeling.

“Yuuji, you know Kishino-san but I don’t really know her. I know Hasegawa-kun but you don’t know him. If we close this gap in our thinking, something would surely surface, won’t it?”

“That’s right. Then let’s clearly exchange both our information again.”

Amano and Ryouta properly faced each other.

“First is Kishino. If I could describe her in a few words; it’s ugly and dirty. Her personality was inconsistent; one minute she mentioned of killing Hasegawa and the next she wanted to go out with Hasegawa again like before.”

“Hasegawa-kun’s personality was like what I had said earlier. Contrary to his looks, he gave off the vibe of a pure young man.”

“First off, this is the first discrepancy. The relationship between the both of them is uncertain.”

While Amano took down notes, he spoke.

“It must be difficult for you, but please tell me the situation when you found Hasegawa’s corpse.”

“Okay, leave that to me.”

Ryouta lightly slapped his cheeks before recalling what happened yesterday.

“I couldn’t hear anyone speaking from the room. The killer entered the room a few minutes later. It all happened in the blink of an eye.”

“Do you know the time he entered his room?”

Ryouta took out his smartphone and looked up the GPS history.

“It was 5:16 PM.”

“That means the criminal was lying in wait inside the room to ambush him. You didn’t hear a shouting voice at all?”

“No, if it was a shouting voice I could hear it. That means that the two of them had spoken inside, right?”

“That means Hasegawa didn’t fight back against the criminal. He was single-handedly attacked then killed. Why didn’t Kishino give time for Hasegawa to retaliate at all?”

“This is the second discrepancy, huh.”

While Amano added to his notes, he asked.

“Saying that, there were no signs of fighting inside the room, were there?”

While Ryouta scrunched up his face, he recalled that moment.

“There weren’t any. Just a choking stench of blood and the smell of a sweet perfume wafted the air. Aside from that, the room was fairly clean.”

Amano’s hand that was writing down notes stopped.

“Sweet perfume?”

“Yeah, it’s used by women, I think. Hasegawa-kun didn’t use perfume, after all.”

“Kishino didn’t use perfume either.”

The both of them fell silent.

“W-wait a minute. Don’t you think Kishino might have put on perfume by chance?”

“No, that girl was dirty. To the point that a bad odor can be smelled. She was a woman who didn’t put on perfume.”

“This is the third discrepancy…”

Ryouta’s voice shook.

“Hey, this, maybe…”

Amano gravely stared at the notes. Ryouta anxiously spoke.

“Isn’t the possibility, that Kishino-san didn’t kill Hasegawa-kun, high?”

Still thinking about something, Amano motionlessly stayed silent.

“If Kishino-san didn’t kill Hasegawa-kun…”

“It means someone killed Kishino-san while making it look like it was a suicide.”

Amano completed Ryouta’s sentence. Standing up with vigor, while he looked through his notes, he spoke his own thoughts.

“From the first discrepancy, the possibility that Kishino had made up everything was high. From the second discrepancy, the possibility that the criminal was an acquaintance of Hasegawa; a close friend that was given a spare key to his room, and the possibility that he may be a guy was high. Despite that, according to the third discrepancy, we can take into consideration that the traces of a girl being in the room was laid out. In other words…”

Amano stood still and scowled at an empty space.

“Since the beginning, the plan was to kill Hasegawa and on the same day prepare a fake suicide note and push Kishino down from the rooftop.”

The two fell silent again. Ryouta couldn’t put up with it so with a dry voice he spoke.

“I, I wonder if it’s okay? Kishino-san’s case had settled with killing herself, right? Any more than this, we’ll get involved even though we’re amateurs.”

“I can’t. I’ve already caught the missing piece. I can’t just pretend to turn a blind eye now.”

Amano’s eyes fired up with determination.

“That person has killed two people already. Isn’t it too dangerous?”

“Yeah, it’s dangerous. If that person has already killed 2 people, it wouldn’t be hard for him to kill 3 or 4 more people. The killer has removed the limiter on one’s mind that restrains one’s self. The guy that manages to grasps the truth; the killer may even kill the one who found out, don’t you think?”

“That’s s-scary.”


To cheer up Ryouta, Amano showed exaggerated gestures.

“It’ll be alright. If you leave it to me, everything will go well. Let’s gather information so we won’t get too close the killer. Trust me and lend me your strength.”

After feeling a little worried, looking firmly at Amano’s face he spoke.

“Alright. I’ll put my trust in it; in the genius asshole’s plans.”

* * *

(T/N: This was a little bit harder to translate than usual. But I hope you can still understand. If you don’t just ask away and I’ll see where I can explain. ^^)

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