Case Files of the Genius Asshole Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: The Method to Skillfully Make Her Drop Out -5- (Amano’s Welcoming Ceremony)

At the scheduled time, the welcoming ceremony began.

Amano’s group was nonchalantly at the auditorium’s entrance; they stood at a different area from the exit.
The auditorium had many backdoors.
Amano and his group were using one of those backdoors.
Right before the ceremony ends, Maeshima Yuuko will be moved.

The university entrance ceremony was moving without any delay.
On the stage, the dean was giving a lecture.
The new students showed hopeful and anxious expressions while outside the auditorium, the current students of the university were noisily cheering.
The welcoming ceremony was peaceful in itself.

Amano and his group were momentarily quiet, attentively watching the situation of the ceremony.


Ryouta started humming without a care.
He was evaluating the new students.


Ryouta used a gentle voice but because Nakao was too nervous, he didn’t hear their conversation.

The color of his face was ghastly pale.
His forehead was sweating profusely.
And his body was trembling.

He was nervous due to the fact that his beloved Maeshima Yuuko was inside the auditorium and that in a moment later, they will be meeting her.


Amano seemingly amazed nodded his head in agreement while he bitterly smiled and muttered.





Amano subtly looked around. True enough, it was just as Ryouta had mentioned.

He could feel the gazes of the people around him.
Amano and Ryouta were a pair of handsome city men with a height over 180 cm.
Surely there were females who were interested in the duo.


The welcoming ceremony ended right on schedule.

After that, the only thing left was the department orientation.
The new students will be lead by the staff and be separated according to their department.

The new students have yet to stand up from their seats.
Because if everyone stood up altogether and move towards the exit, it’ll become chaotic, after all.
At that only timing, arrangements have been made to bring out only Maeshima Yuuko though the back door.


Ryouta gave a wink and then moved towards the crowd of new students.
At the end of a row sat Maeshima Yuuko. There, Ryouta spoke to her, and with a refreshing laugh told her something.
Maeshima Yuuko gets led by Ryouta and arrived at the place where Amano and Nakao were at.


Amano fixedly stared at Maeshima’s figure.
Her physical appearance had no flaws.
Her facial features were beautiful and perfectly proportionate.
Although her height was low, it had a considerable balance with her small face, head, and body.
In fact, even if she wasn’t an idol, she was a girl that gathered a lot of attention.

However, she looked quite unsociable.
Her facial expressions were seemingly dead and destitute.
Whether she had a bad mood or fatigue has been accumulating, perhaps her character was simply bad, we wouldn’t be able to know.

CB13.pngAmano stood in front of Maeshima and with a business-like tone, he spoke.


With an expressionless face, Maeshima Yuuko nodded and followed Amano. Ryouta and Nakao followed closely behind them.

Amano did not go along the heart of the campus, instead, he walked behind and inside the school buildings.
It was a route that people do not frequently use.
He chose the path that the media and curious onlookers cannot trespass. He also chose a path that students don’t usually use.


Behind a certain school building, Amano stopped walking.


Seemingly confused, Maeshima tilted her head.
She heard that after the welcoming ceremony they would be separated into their respective departments and receive orientation.
She wondered what can be started in such a place where there was no one.


Nakao’s body jumped in surprise.
Repeatedly, he wiped off the sweat on his forehead.


Nakao showed a slovenly forced smile and stood in front of the idol that he loves.



Maeshima’s face creased with discomfort.



Maeshima’s expression completely changed.


With a complacent smile, Maeshima showed a pure-like smiling face.


This was actually a very impressive switch-over.
The moment she realized that the creepy guy in front of her was a fan, Maeshima immediately changed her expression to that of an idol.


Amano was truly impressed.
The moment Maeshima showed her smiling face, the aura of the idol Maeshima was released.
Maeshima smiled a completely exemplary smiling face.
It was a completely refined behavior.
The way she exuded her charms in itself surpasses that of an ordinary person on a whole new level.


During the composed analysis and comparison, Nakao’s expression loosened up.


At that moment, right before Nakao appeared a single guy.
Although he was big, he was a guy with a good physique.
He had thick glasses and a blue shirt on.






The guy in the blue shirt slowly got closer.
From Nakao’s viewpoint, he was clearly noticeable but both Nakao and Maeshima Yuuko did not see him approaching.


All of a sudden, the guy in the blue shirt yelled in a strange voice.


Maeshima turned around in surprise.


The Guy in the Blue Shirt dirtily laughed, and raising both hands, flew towards Maeshima.

His plan was to embrace and push her down.

It was an abrupt movement.
Maeshima could only scream at the short amount of time that she had.


Amano leaped from the side.
Pushing The Guy in the Blue Shirt’s shoulders to the ground, he put some distance between the guy and Maeshima.

2018-06-30 19.12.50.jpg


Ryouta shielded Maeshima with his body.


Amano slammed the guy in the blue shirt against the wall of the school building.


Violently grasping on the guy’s head, he repeatedly banged the guy’s forehead against the wall. To check whether the guy’s strength was weakening, Amano firmly grasped the guy’s armpit and twisted the guy’s left arm behind his back before pushing him into the ground.


The guy in the blue shirt struggled and tried to escape but Amano’s grappling technique in Judo was perfectly executed. A dull cracking sound from the spine could be heard.
Running or standing was impossible.




At the scream, a few people came running. It was the staff in charge of the welcoming ceremony.




In front of them was a frightened idol.
A pinned down man.
And above him, with an angry expression on his face like that of an ogre, was Amano.
Something must have happened.




Ryouta let out a light-hearted laugh.
The staff while looking frightened, gave a nod.



Maeshima wondered what in the world happen; one situation that she couldn’t understand.

Amano with the ogre-like expression.
The pinned down blue-shirted guy.
She looked towards the dumb-founded Nakao who stood rigidly still.

Nakao opened his mouth to say something, but she didn’t have the time to catch what the words were.
The staff quickly led her away from the place.


From Amano’s mouth spilled out a voice that sounded like a curse.




As he pinned down the guy in the blue shirt, Amano glared at Nakao.




Amano forcibly brought the guy in the blue shirt to his feet and grabbed his collar.


As Amano threatened him “to disappear”, he gave a flying kick towards the guy.
The guy in the blue shirt ran away at full speed.


Nakao trembled violently.
Amano exuded a terrifying degree of bloodlust.


Unwittingly, Nakao looked to the ground and fell silent.
He was dumbfounded.
Amano’s threatening was frightening.
But aside from that, a deep despair covered Nakao’s body.

―― I couldn’t save the idol that I love.

The truth snatched the energy away from his body.


Looking down on Nakao’s paling face, Amano roared.


Nakao couldn’t say anything.
It was too sudden, I was too surprised and couldn’t move. I didn’t think that she’d get assaulted and a place like this.
Countless excuses came to mind.


Amano laughed in amazement.


He lightly slapped Nakao’s shoulders
And then let out a heinous laugh.


Amano strongly grabbed Nakao’s shoulders.
It looked as if he was about to crush his shoulders completely.


As he said that, Amano stood his full height and walked away.
It would seem as if he had already forgotten all about Nakao.
Even his eyes looked away from him.


Ryouta approached Nakao who turned pale.
With an encouraging voice, he spoke.


Leaving behind a refreshing smile, Ryouta also easily left.
Nakao for a while just stared at the ground in silence.

* * *

T/N The next chapter will be the conclusion for this case.
I will probably be updating it within two days time.
Honestly felt bad for Nakao in this chapter but, its a rude awakening for it I guess. Now it depends on how he rebounds from this.
(Even translating Amano’s mean words hurt my poor soul lol).


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    1. If you’re talking about Nakao, in the first chapter he introduced himself coming from the Economics Department. Yuuko’s in the Education Department but Nakao’s saying that he’d go as far as to take subjects taught in the Education Department for her.


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